Stone Fort

Stone Fort Infinity Mirror

Designed and built by Diod.design, the Stone Fort Infinity Mirror visualizes music by analyzing and reacting to it in real time, with the input either from a headphone jack or a microphone. This video displays a variety of the patterns that can be displayed. Upon turning it on, the mirror will be in a mode that rotates patterns automatically as the complex algorithms try to always visualize the music in the best way. During the first song, One More Time, the mirror is in this mode. For the other songs, the button on the electronics box was pressed to keep the patterns from changing. A long press of the button, about 2 seconds, will return it to the automatic pattern rotating mode.

What sets this apart?

  • There are 2 options for music input, 3.5mm Aux or Microphone.

    • Aux input allows for the most clean and accurate music visualization possible. Whether there's a loud party, or the music is turned down, the visualization is exactly the same.

  • A variety of visualizing patterns cycle automatically to create the best light show possible.

  • The overlapping square design creates multiple areas where the lows, mids, and highs of a song can be displayed.

  • When the music stops, a calming ambient pattern is automatically displayed.

A note from Dan:

Thank you for checking out this product! If you're interested in making a purchase, I'm sure you have many questions. So please reach out to me at (202) 505 - 8994, info@diod.design, or fill out this Contact Form.

Want to see how the mirror reacts to a certain song?

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