We build LED music-visualizers because music deserves to be seen.

Our real-time music-visualizers transform any song into a captivating multi-sensory experience.

Music is an integral part of our mental well-being. Our technology helps songs tell their stories, turning music into an even more enjoyable and valuable experience.

Unveiling December 1st, 2020

Our first 3-dimensional visualizer
Enjoy a video from our fully immersive installation Beatbox.

For businesses and individuals, our technology will transform your space into a synesthetic experience.

If you’re interested in buying or renting a music-visualizer product or installation, we would love to hear from you! Check out our Instagram @diod.design to see what we’ve built before, and please feel free to start the conversation by sending us a message on IG, emailing info@diod.design, or filling out our contact us form.

Our latest Instagram posts

Dan Haber - Founder and CEO

I started this company because I love music. I can’t make it for the life of me, but I deeply value the time I spend zoning out with my favorite songs, appreciating every little detail from the lows to the highs.

Making lights react to music began my senior year of college when I lived with friends in a house off-campus. The parties we threw were tons of fun, but we needed better lighting… My earliest prototypes were simple and only responded to volume, but they took our parties to another level.

From there, I continued developing my technology to see how far I could take it. After four more years and countless “you should sell these!” from friends, I started this company to build the best real-time music-visualizers on the planet. Why?

Because music is an integral part of our mental wellbeing, and I’ve found that my visualizers help the listener become fully present in an almost meditative state. I’ve seen firsthand how music is even more enjoyable and valuable when you can see it too.

On our Infinity Room Installation named Beatbox:

“People don’t really know what they’re getting into, but when they see what’s inside, they’ll wave over their friends. [They] come out saying it was a great experience.”

Our technology is available to those who want to build their own music-visualizer!

To better serve our mission of spreading music-visualizer technology, we sell our custom hardware and have open-sourced our software. To buy our hardware, visit our product  page on Tindie and to learn our C/C++ software, see our Github page. Also, if you’re interested in learning the software and need any help, or if you’d like consulting services on your lighting project, Dan Haber is happy to offer Zoom calls for $50/hr. Just email info@diod.design to get started.